[Oeva-list] Newport, Oregon level 2 charger

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intel Case study PDF says
• Four payment options – Includes
1)credit cards,
2) debit or access cards
(distributed by the station owner),
3) free access (i.e., as an amenity for
employees or patrons),
4) disable/offmode (during closing hours).


> You're referring to the Driftwood Shores in Florence, not Newport,
> right?  On the PEP website
> (http://www.pepstations.com/PEPPRODUCTS/ProductFeatures.aspx) the video
> seems to suggest that this one takes credit cards.  (See the product
> video.)  I'm also guessing that if you can get someone at the motel to
> go look at it, they could make a decent guess about its status by seeing
> if the touch screen is on.  We'll look forward to seeing your check-in
> on PlugShare if you end up staying there!
>   - Alan
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> Subject: [Oeva-list] Newport, Oregon level 2 charger
> From: Karl Boekelheide <Karl at boekelheide.com>
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> Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2012 15:00:29 -0700
>> Has anyone used, or know anything about, a level 2 charger at the
>> Driftwood Shores motel in Newport?  It's listed on PlugShare with the
>> phone number of the motel.  The only thing the front desk knew was
>> that it's a PEP level 2.  They don't know if it works, if you need an
>> access card or if it costs anything.  PEP is on the east coast and
>> only open 'till 5, so I missed them.  I'm thinking of going over there
>> from Eugene next week.  I'd sure like to know it's real and usable.
>> Thanks,  Karl
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