[Oeva-list] Neat tool to see elevation profiles for routes

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Fri Aug 10 15:17:41 PDT 2012

This is so cool Phil!
We should post this to our website.

I'm trying to plan a trip to DuPont, and this could come in real handy.
Some rather steep climbs at freeway speeds won't be too good on my KWH
I try to use a rule of thumb to say the LEAF consumes an extra KWH of
energy for every 700 ft it climbs.
(I'm not counting the downhill recovery.)


> I ran across a neat way to display elevation profiles for driving
> routes and thought I would share it as it is especially useful for
> range limited vehicles like electric vehicles.
> I have had problems in the past finding an easy way to get a profile
> for the *specific* route you wanted in various tools (google earth
> kind of works) but I stumbled across a way to use Google Maps (which
> you can easily set the route by dragging which makes custom routes
> easy) and then display the elevation profile.
> The technique is as follows:
> 1) open google maps in a web browser
> 2) plan your route as usual (and drag it to the exact route you want to
> profile)
> 3) just to the left of the map at the top is a button that gives you a
> link to your map.
> 4) click on this button and you get a popup with the URL to the map in
> it.  Copy the URL (right click, copy or ^C)
> 5) open http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/profile?format=profile
> 6) find the box labeled "Or profile the URL of data on the Web:" and
> paste the URL into it.
> 7) change Units from Metric to U.S.
> 8) click on Draw the profile button
> That's it and it presents a pretty good picture of the elevation
> profile for the route.
> I've attached the profile for the route we took 2 weeks ago to John
> Day, Oregon to attend SolWest 2012.
> In the attached map, the distance at 100 miles is Dufur, OR where we
> had to go uphill to an RV park to charge.
> and 200 miles is Fossil, Oregon where we stayed for the night.  It is
> at about 2600 feet in elevation.
> Note: that if you add multiple destinations to your map, they show up
> as vertical lines in the elevation map.
> Notice that when you do the reverse trip, you have a steady downhill
> until the massive 10+ mile uphill just before you get back to Fossil.
> We did that on one charge in the Leafs (102 miles) but you climb to
> 3800 feet at the end and nearly drain the battery to do it.
> I thought John Day was at 5000 feet in elevation but really it is just
> over 3000.  I must have misread that somewhere.
> I hope this is useful to others.
> Phil Hochstetler
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