[Oeva-list] Input requested for National Plug-In Day

Chase Ballew nscale7 at aol.com
Fri Aug 10 17:51:57 PDT 2012

Hey all,
As I said at the meeting last night, I’m planning theNational Plug-In Day event, and I need some input from everyone. The big issueI’m facing right now is whether to hold the event on Sunday, September 23rd,which is the national day and will have national publicity for that day, or tohold it on Saturday, September 22nd, to draw in the crowds at thePSU Farmer’s Market, or possibly to have the event span both days.
Since I’m relying on OEVA members to come and show-off theircars at this event, what I’d like to know from folks is:
A) How many of you are thinking you might bring your car to NationalPlug-In Day? Electric Avenue has a finite capacity (about 20 cars at a time), soif enough of you express interest in attending that would tip the scales infavor of a two-day event.
B) If you have a preference for one day over the other(Saturday vs. Sunday) and if any of you would be interested in attending bothdays should we decide to have a two-day event.
Note that this does not commit you to attend, I’m justtrying to get an idea of people’s interest.

-Chase Ballew
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