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For those in the Portland region wanting a one-stop route-planning/elevation tool, use Tri-Met’s new multimodal trip planner. http://trimet.org/howtoride/maptripplanner.htm
Select “Bicycle Only” in the “Travel by” drop-down box, and inthe triangle adjust the weight to your preference of “Quick” vs. “Flat” (butnot “bike friendly”). It will calculate a route based on the input weighting,and below the resulting map it will show an elevation profile. Just doublecheck the map before you go out to make sure it isn’t sending you down a bikepath!


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I ran across a neat way to display elevation profiles for driving
routes and thought I would share it as it is especially useful for
range limited vehicles like electric vehicles.

I have had problems in the past finding an easy way to get a profile
for the *specific* route you wanted in various tools (google earth
kind of works) but I stumbled across a way to use Google Maps (which
you can easily set the route by dragging which makes custom routes
easy) and then display the elevation profile.

The technique is as follows:

1) open google maps in a web browser
2) plan your route as usual (and drag it to the exact route you want to profile)
3) just to the left of the map at the top is a button that gives you a
link to your map.
4) click on this button and you get a popup with the URL to the map in
it.  Copy the URL (right click, copy or ^C)
5) open http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/profile?format=profile
6) find the box labeled "Or profile the URL of data on the Web:" and
paste the URL into it.
7) change Units from Metric to U.S.
8) click on Draw the profile button

That's it and it presents a pretty good picture of the elevation
profile for the route.

I've attached the profile for the route we took 2 weeks ago to John
Day, Oregon to attend SolWest 2012.

In the attached map, the distance at 100 miles is Dufur, OR where we
had to go uphill to an RV park to charge.
and 200 miles is Fossil, Oregon where we stayed for the night.  It is
at about 2600 feet in elevation.
Note: that if you add multiple destinations to your map, they show up
as vertical lines in the elevation map.

Notice that when you do the reverse trip, you have a steady downhill
until the massive 10+ mile uphill just before you get back to Fossil.

We did that on one charge in the Leafs (102 miles) but you climb to
3800 feet at the end and nearly drain the battery to do it.

I thought John Day was at 5000 feet in elevation but really it is just
over 3000.  I must have misread that somewhere.

I hope this is useful to others.

Phil Hochstetler

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