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Hello Quinn
Not sure if this helps you but you can charge at West Hills Collision  
Center. Either with J1772 or 120 plug. Located about 5 miles from 28th  and 
Don Blazer
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Hello  All,

So I am moving from Milwaukie to Portland this month and I need a  place to 
plug in my converted electric vehicle. ?I looked at a place and asked  if I 
could pay to have an outlet installed by a licensed electrician, and  
either have the outlet tied to my meter or pay a flat rate every month. ?For  the 
last year my current apartment management allowed the latter and it worked  
great. ?She said she'd have to ask her management (American Property  
Management) and they said no, no explanation given. ?This is disappointing,  and 
kind of surprising that they would not work with me at all because this  
issue is not going to go away. ?It seems American Properties is the largest  
apartment manager in the Portland area. ?

Does anyone have any ideas  about how to proceed? ?I would like to contact 
American Property Management,  even if it is probably a lost cause. ?But I 
still need a place to live so I  want to be civil about it. ?If Walmart has 
EV charging stations it seems odd  that one can't get just any kind of plug 
at the place they live, even if it's  120V. ?It's near Powell and 28th, EV 4 
Oregon and Hopworks both have J1772  charging stations within walking 
distance, but I don't know how everyone will  like me parking there several times 
a week. ?Perhaps there's someone in the  neighborhood that would be willing 
to strike a deal with me to make a little  extra money, just for letting me 
charge there. ?Any other ideas and  suggestions are greatly encouraged.

Best Regards,
Fellow EV Owner  Quinn Sullivan

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