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The website/database sounds like a great idea.

I'd probably say the future might start with a few paid for reserved spaces with 220 V  and 110 V power outlets on a lighted pole.   That gets you 99% of what you want and the
owner gets a lighted parking lot.  If you offer to pay an extra $500/year upfront (with the understanding that the owner pays the electricity) then the owner knows you are serious 

I'd say the car owner foots the bill for his particular style of charger.

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Quinn raises an issue that will become much bigger as EVs become more numerous. Multifamily housing facilities (Apartments, Condos and the like) have mostly not started addressing this issue. Everyone has a parking space but no easy way to get power to it for recharging. Some electric power companies are helping out in small ways, but we need to do more.

A couple of ideas occur to me:

 As new places are built there might be a requirement for some charging stations and easy ways to add more later. Perhaps there should be a default way to pay for the power used. As I am learning, retrofitting can be quite expensive.

I wonder if someone could be enticed to set up a web site or data base with info about where the management innovators are or rather the apartments they run. It would provide good info for someone like Quinn and perhaps keep those units rented a bit more- a benefit for the owner. Anyone who has information could contribute.

Bill proposals for the next session of the Oregon Legislature are due in mid-September. I would love a few more (and better) ideas. After all, the best way to keep your car charged is to do it overnight at your home.


Phil Barnhart
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Hello All,
>So I am moving from Milwaukie to Portland this month and I need a place to plug in my converted electric vehicle.  I looked at a place and asked if I could pay to have an outlet installed by a licensed electrician, and either have the outlet tied to my meter or pay a flat rate every month.  For the last year my current apartment management allowed the latter and it worked great.  She said she'd have to ask her management (American Property Management) and they said no, no explanation given.  This is disappointing, and kind of surprising that they would not work with me at all because this issue is not going to go away.  It seems American Properties is the largest apartment manager in the Portland area.  
>Does anyone have any ideas about how to proceed?  I would like to contact American Property Management, even if it is probably a lost cause.  But I still need a place to live so I want to be civil about it.  If Walmart has EV charging stations it seems odd that one can't get just any kind of plug at the place they live, even if it's 120V.  It's near Powell and 28th, EV 4 Oregon and Hopworks both have J1772 charging stations within walking distance, but I don't know how everyone will like me parking there several times a week.  Perhaps there's someone in the neighborhood that would be willing to strike a deal with me to make a little extra money, just for letting me charge there.  Any other ideas and suggestions are greatly encouraged.
>Best Regards,
>Fellow EV Owner Quinn Sullivan
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