[Oeva-list] Anyone driven from PDX to Tacoma, WA yet in their Leaf?

Karl Boekelheide Karl at boekelheide.com
Sun Aug 12 23:57:13 PDT 2012

Why not stop at Castle Rock?  AV says their DCQC is online and idle as
does PlugShare.com.  I have found AV's information to be extremely
accurate.  I've never been to the one in Castle Rock but I've been to
all 14 of the others down to California and have never had a problem.

 Charger Location

City: Castle Rock
Country: US
Charger Serial #: SAV02161200058
Charger Status: Idle

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Hi All,

  I'm thinking about a road-trip to Tacoma in my Leaf, but it seems
there's a long stretch between DC fast chargers between Ridgefield, WA
and Centralia, WA (exit 14 to exit 82).

How have people found the drive from Portland up to Tacoma, WA and
beyond?  Did you have to drive at 55mph with no A/C on to make it to the
Centralia DC fast charger?

I suppose I could take an extra hour or two at a level-2 charging
station, but I'd prefer not to, if possible.

Thanks for your input!


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