[Oeva-list] Problems Charging Think at 120V

Myles Twete matwete at comcast.net
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I should have said that while this evidently did happen with 110v EVSE charging, it may well happen with 220v EVSE also.

Also, I mentioned “PCI”, that should be “PCU” --- power control unit.


I haven’t heard of any other particular cars that have had this happen.

When I was charging with my 110v portable Clipper Creek EVSE in June, one night I plugged it in and sometime within the first hour or so the Clipper Creek detected a glitch or something and stopped charging the car (had very little charge returned to the pack by morning).  When I got out to the car I also noticed that despite the charger not charging the car, some subsystem was humming and drawing power.

My guess is that this is the syndrome they talked about:

1)      Charging stops for some reason

2)      Somehow the car still stays in a charging mode that draws the 12v battery down

3)      Bad things can evidently happen over time if the 12v battery is drawn way down


But these things are black boxes and we’re not getting much help from THINK yet.

Some cars have a syndrome where one of the charge lights on the dash blinks for no known reason.

This may be correlated with cars that do not appropriately respond to and shut down charging when the Proximity latch button is pressed.

I suspect that most of the ones we’re getting here with VIN#s of “YYC…900300” and up don’t have these issues---I press the button on the connector and one charge light goes out, the other blinks and the charge current drops to zero as you’d hope.  Many cars with earlier VIN#s don’t do this.


It’ll be a good day when we can have THINK help us in regards to these things.

I love the little car and have had no issues with it myself except I’d like a firmware update to allow cruising up Sylvan….


-Myles Twete




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Patrick, the reader comments to that article are informative.  The issue isn't quite what the article described.  It doesn't have to do with 110v charging.  It has to do with an EVSE being connected and the a power glitch or something stopping the charge.  After, the PCI continues to drain the 12v battery.  Read more on the YAHOO THINK group list.

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Have any of you that recently bought a Think had problems charging it at 120V as described in this article: 


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