[Oeva-list] Elithion BMS with PFC40 and ICS-200B all working together

Paul Wallace ianaudio at aracnet.com
Wed Aug 15 11:48:47 PDT 2012

If anyone else is using an Elithion BMS and wants to be able to use a Manzanita charger and public J1772 level 2 charging stations, I have a solution that seems to be working.  I put the new connector on my ICS-200B, replacing the old Avcon type, and once I disabled the cable strain sensor, it appeared to be functional.  Today, I worked out a logic bug in my little pilot circuit and now the EVSE closes its AC contactor when the J1772 connector is plugged in to the mate in the fuel door of my truck.  The BMS can turn the charger output off at full charge and can also turn off the charger and the EVSE, by opening the pilot switch, in the event that it detects a fault while charging.  My pilot circuit doesn't know how to measure the pilot pulse width, but my PFC40 is recent version with a second current control that I can engage from a switch on the dash.  Switch on is set to 30 amps AC, as much as a Blink can deliver.  Switch off selects the knob on the front of the charger, which I have set to 25 amps, as much as a 30 amp 240vac circuit can handle continuously.

I did this all with relays, resistors, capacitors, and one power FET.  No software required.

Paul Wallace

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