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*Top Story =========================================
 o The NW has lost a great EV & solar enthusiast; Craig Vinton dies
o 60 More Think City cars are coming to Oregon - Less than $9k after tax
incentive http://fb.me/2a0t5ucVj

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ===========================*
o  4th Annual Oregon Transportation Summit September 10
o The OEVA will be hosting a National Plug In Day event in Portland

*Media  ===========================================*
o vid: Oregon unveils 'Electric Highway' http://fb.me/1AFpqGmA7
o photo: Seattle parking enforcement is now using EVs http://fb.me/1FRV5T1AI

o photo: Plug-in Prius @ Electric Avenue http://fb.me/1xoxTyi7T
o vid: EVs for people in wheelchairs, the Kenguru http://fb.me/1WCtQqvga
o vid: Quick walk-through of the EVs at the Aug OEVA meeting
o photos: Aug 2012 OEVA meeting http://fb.me/B5eOhlw8
o vid: John Day or Bust http://fb.me/1NXamBXd5
o photo: Detroit Oregon http://fb.me/1YsvBkoXr
o photo: McCharging in Hillsboro Oregon http://fb.me/1cf0Zytx8
o Autonomous EV pods @ Heathrow Airport http://fb.me/1UWPCU1AC

*Northwest EV News of Note ==========================*
 o OSU breakthrough generates electricity from waste water
o Shorepower helps truckers plug-in & save money http://goo.gl/axfGu
o The man who brought EVs to Oregon - a 2009 flashback http://fb.me/BUkTYLug

o Oregon building codes make charging station installation easier
o Clean fuels boost State's economy http://fb.me/1OZGFTBWf
o Oregon's electric highway show EV potential http://fb.me/1Fb81q0i5
o Astoria gets charged up for EVs http://fb.me/AB9kOk0O
o Portland State EV survey http://fb.me/1z6Pglzbr
o OIT works on large vehicle EV drive tech http://fb.me/24a8s0FNn

*Other EV News of Note =============================*
o 3 EVs finish in top 15 of 2012 Pikes Peak Hill Climb
o Sparking A Two-Wheeled Revolution in America http://fb.me/1UuANE4Gp
o Tesla charges up its electric car output http://fb.me/1hEsaoR0B
o Fisker Karma Hybrid Sets Itself On Fire http://fb.me/yLKuMbz4
o The Road to Pure Electric Bliss http://fb.me/1aZwRBL7i
o Recall on Mitsubishi i-Miev/i http://fb.me/17UbNSsNA
o Electric car owners immune to gasoline price spikes http://fb.me/1Q3V0KPun

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