[Oeva-list] Leafing it to Bend (almost)

Gary Graunke gary at whitecape.org
Sun Aug 19 17:01:02 PDT 2012

Good job both in venturing forth and in documenting the charging well (as
usual). I need to put my camera in the Leaf....

Interesting that the short cut from Blue River to Sisters was available--you
can drive slower as well as less miles.

We know one attempt at going to Detroit to Sisters did not work--but don't
have the good documentation to know if 100% SOC or just 80%.
It seems marginal at best, but we don't know by how much. Also, there is no
shortcut to go slower.


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...but not to worry!  The "almost" was by choice, not necessity ;-)

Coincidentally, Nissan finally got around to wanting to do the battery check
and firmware upgrade, so that happened last Wednesday.  I got 3 stars on
quick charging, 5 on the others.  This trip (and the one over Labor Day to
Seattle!) won't help that rating ;-)  The battery shows no sign of
degredation though, and I really don't do these trips that often...  The
range guesser really is more accurate, though still slightly optimistic...

One interesting realization from the trip is that central oregon is on the
high plains, so getting back is a non-issue (on this trip, 4000'
diff summit to FC station on the west side, 2000' on the east side).
Some day, when I have the extra time, I'll take the main road that's 10
miles longer, and if/when a Salem FC ever gets installed, I'll make the run
via Detroit.  In both cases, the longer distance is likely to require a 100%
full battery before doing the crossing eastbound, and it makes this crossing
"more comfortable" too...


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