[Oeva-list] Leafing it to Bend (almost)

Rhonda Walton rhonda at evo2go.com
Sun Aug 19 17:36:38 PDT 2012


To all of my fellow OEVA members.

I have a station owner that has great location in Salem on the I-5.
I have been waiting 3 months for the price of the new Nissan DCFC unit
from Aerovironmemnt.
They called last month a said this is the price with taxes included.
I said there are no taxes on any EVSE equipment and they said we will look
into that.
Still no call back.
But then I have had my new Leaf since April and I still do not have the
charging unit installed.
If anyone has deep pockets and wants to fund the charger in Salem I have
the location, and a new equipment manufacturer to supply the duel DCQC
charger with both the CHAdemo and the new J1772 DCQC

Rhonda Walton

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On 8/19/12 5:01 PM, "Gary Graunke" <gary at whitecape.org> wrote:

>Good job both in venturing forth and in documenting the charging well (as
>usual). I need to put my camera in the Leaf....
>Interesting that the short cut from Blue River to Sisters was
>can drive slower as well as less miles.
>We know one attempt at going to Detroit to Sisters did not work--but don't
>have the good documentation to know if 100% SOC or just 80%.
>It seems marginal at best, but we don't know by how much. Also, there is
>shortcut to go slower.
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>...but not to worry!  The "almost" was by choice, not necessity ;-)
>Coincidentally, Nissan finally got around to wanting to do the battery
>and firmware upgrade, so that happened last Wednesday.  I got 3 stars on
>quick charging, 5 on the others.  This trip (and the one over Labor Day to
>Seattle!) won't help that rating ;-)  The battery shows no sign of
>degredation though, and I really don't do these trips that often...  The
>range guesser really is more accurate, though still slightly optimistic...
>One interesting realization from the trip is that central oregon is on the
>high plains, so getting back is a non-issue (on this trip, 4000'
>diff summit to FC station on the west side, 2000' on the east side).
>Some day, when I have the extra time, I'll take the main road that's 10
>miles longer, and if/when a Salem FC ever gets installed, I'll make the
>via Detroit.  In both cases, the longer distance is likely to require a
>full battery before doing the crossing eastbound, and it makes this
>"more comfortable" too...
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