[Oeva-list] Think EV's in the news.

Rhonda Walton rhonda at evo2go.com
Sun Aug 19 19:30:51 PDT 2012

Can you say designed to fail?
Sure you can.

But EV's will succeed in spite of them because we will promote local jobs,
2 cents a mile, renewable energy, smart grid, luxury ride, no wars for the
another countries natural resources, and so on.

Rhonda Walton

*Think before you print

On 8/19/12 5:49 PM, "Steve's Account" <stevel at fern.com> wrote:

>On CBS nightly news on friday, there was a story about THINK.
>They mentioned that they are entering their forth bankrupcy proceeding,
>that they had an assembly plant in the US that was a major benefactor of
>tax breaks from the government, and that it was projected, at one time,to
>employ 400 people. At present, there are only 2 employed... and they
>are working at assembling the shipments of parts that they get from
>the factory.
>The plant in the US was largely empty and dark.
>Think is being bought out by a Russian investor.
>A US battery company that made a major investment in plant to build
>for the Think plant, has also filed for bankrupcy. (Ener1).
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