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Sun Aug 19 23:37:26 PDT 2012

         $118,500,000          Ener1
$200,000,000,000          US annual trade deficit due to imported  
petroleum products.

1 time loss to every American because of Ener1?    25 cents.
Continuous annual bleed to every American due to dragging our heels?  

  U.S.-backed battery-makers fall to foreign competitors

Analysts wonder whether A123, Ener1 grew too fast for infrastructure  
that did not exist

August 19, 2012
.....Andrew Kaplan, energy partner for Brown Rudnick in Boston, said  
a country like China would not have allowed investments in companies  
like A123 or Ener1 to founder.

"Given partisan politics, the DOE doesn't often have an opportunity  
to provide those companies with enough slack to keep going during an  
inevitable period of growing pains," he said.

hmmm.... A $10 investment by every American in A123 would give them a  
market cap of $3 billion. But no, we'll just let a Chinese car parts  
manufacturer buy it, so we can buy Chinese batteries when we get  
around to all driving electric.

Choose your level of stupid:
[ ] Totally
[ ] Somewhat
[ ] Not at all

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