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I have a 2006 Zap that I've done some electrical work on, so depending on what you need I may be able to help. And as I recall, the Hawthorne Auto Clinic does a lot of work on EVs; In addition to being the factory service center for the Think, they have fixed up a number of Zaps over the years, so you could also give them a try. 

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Lisa Hi,
            I have been maintaining and running a 2006 ZAP for past 4 years…  I do NOT know any local folks that can work on ZAP,,, I use “second chance shop” (see the link below) to get parts and do all the work myself. I also have a mechanic in Hillsboro who helps me on the project.

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Hi OEVA Members,


I bought a 2010 Zap and need to have it fixed up to be useful.  Could you please suggest people or businesses I could contact who do this kind of work.


Thank you,


Lisa Krenzler

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