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*Top Story =========================================
 o Goodbye Phyllis Diller, we'll miss you http://fb.me/2mQqT5Qv2

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ===========================*
o  4th Annual Oregon Transportation Summit September 10
o The OEVA will be hosting a National Plug In Day event in Portland

*Media  ===========================================*
o Fisker "Surf" concept http://fb.me/1Z4e9HpId
o NOPEC Oregon plate http://fb.me/1OKXly9Gp
o Charging at Walgreens http://fb.me/1gyYngHoT
o MPG equivalence of EVs http://fb.me/2a29ZlXvg
o Good for charging EVs and zapping Zombies! http://fb.me/TYjQjMNW
o Car2Go EVs at Electric Avenue in Portland http://fb.me/2b1ATf1DD

*Northwest EV News of Note ==========================*
 o Reviews the Brammo Empulse R
oo Wired http://fb.me/1RyIaWPqY
oo Hell for Leather http://fb.me/1S1BnL1I1
oo Men's Journal approved http://fb.me/1eWMCsfBe

o EV Drive's Puma in South Africa solar challenge http://fb.me/1s9Rr4c4D
o Fast Charge Network Open for Business http://fb.me/1oZmZDdFj
o Think City EVs a great deal in Oregon http://fb.me/18nvrNfE1
o RYNO single-wheel electric scooter http://fb.me/ImZG874R
o EVs in the Multnomah Days Parade http://fb.me/1Al1LlzdP
o OIT helps big trucks go green http://fb.me/JOcEVcsB
o RYNO Microcycle Future of Urban Transit http://fb.me/BI5Im0tB
o Pacific NW Nat. Labs gets $1M vehicle material http://fb.me/2grrzdDjo
o EV Getaround in Portland http://fb.me/RfJy8qFH

*Other EV News of Note =============================*
o Elon Musk calls Karma a "Mediocre Car" http://fb.me/20wUYhjDR
o Fisker Recalls Karma After Fire http://fb.me/2aOvcRzXG
o Infiniti unveils Emerg-e electric car at Pebble Beach
o EVs: a boon for retailers? http://fb.me/2bhDV7rQY
o Charging Access in Multi-Unit Dwellings http://fb.me/LSk2NGDX
o Electric Bus on Jay Leno's Garage http://fb.me/Yi8a67kG
o How far can you go in a Nissan Leaf? http://fb.me/28Xxgaoxp

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