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Your reply to Rhonda is not considering the big picture. 
You need to stand back a bit further to take it all in. 
Why bring up the manufacturing of no electric vehicles here in Oregon. Can  
you name any major ICE manufacturer making vehicles here? This is an issue 
with  the state of Oregon not being competitive with other states. The Leaf 
as you  point out is currently being made in Japan but it will soon be made 
in  Tennessee as well as the batteries. It could have been Oregon and 
something  like that would have been just huge for the state.
As far as made in the USA. Last year the vehicle that has the most  parts 
and labor from the United States is the Toyota Camry. This does  not directly 
help Oregon's economy but it is better for our nation's  economy which in 
the long run helps us. I bring this up because often our  perceptions can be 
different then the real world. I am sure most people would  just assume it 
was GM or Ford was the most US made vehicle. 
The bigger picture then where a vehicle is made is the fuel a  vehicle uses 
for energy and where that energy comes from. Electric is made  locally here 
in Oregon or at least in the Northwest. The  generation and  maintenance of 
providing electric employs a very large  number of local jobs. Its money 
that is not shipped out overseas or makes us  dependant on other countries. We 
can produce all our energy needs here if  EVs is the path more people chose 
to take. 
Most people don't think or care about the amount of energy it takes to  
drive a vehicle. Their main concern is going to the places they spend their  
time for what ever they need to do. Most will only change to an EV when the  
cost of an ICE impacts their ability to fill the tank to meet their daily  
transportation needs. Little thought is given to the long term costs, damage 
and  the security of United States for not being self sufficient. While I  
agree NG is better then oil. Electric is by far the better option.  

This is an EV list. I believe most people here have similar  points of view 
and any further comments by myself is just  repeating what most here 
already believe. I could be wrong but that is  my perception. 
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(Local jobs? Nissan makes Leaf's in  Japan.. Volt's in Mich.. Think's in
Scandanavia.. humm.. not my idea of  local.. :-)

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