[Oeva-list] Upgrades for Zap Car (Kitting it up)

Datta, Sham M sham.m.datta at intel.com
Thu Aug 23 12:06:53 PDT 2012

I have also upgraded my Zap as follows:

Upgrades done by me & my auto-mechanic:

*       84 volt system by adding another battery (gives me 42mph speed)
*       Install 155 80R12 tires (the tallest that can fit my Zap Sedan) - This gives another 3 miles speed boost. Also improved the ride a bit.
*       Air-ride Schocks - Makes the Zap ride way improved for my ever aching bad back. Before this upgrade  I could feel every sewer cover plat on the road and being a 3 wheeler Zap hits every one of them - (Before Air-ride schocks I had become an expert in "snake like driving, where I could avoid manhole covers on all the Hillsboro roads) - Please see this: http://www.ridetech.com/store/shockwaves/
*               Woodward suspension kits from Grantpass are NOT available any more.
*       Installed variable front coil spring from "Zap second chance shop" http://xebraparts.com/index.php
*       Installed Deka US made Gel batteries (140 AH - Needs metal work to be done on battery cage) but allows me 35 miles range.

Upgrades Planned for rest of this years:

*       I am upgrading the "low 5HP Zap original motor" into 3 phase 12 HP  AC motor with AC Curtis controller & regen breaking.
*       Go to 100 volt Lithium-ion pack with a BMS.
*       Replace the Zap Radio & speakers into some good music system that can really play CDs and MP3s etc...
*       Instal a GOOD electric heater.

Email me, if you need any info on my upgrades Or connections to my auto-mechanic... or if you want see my Zap turned into a Lexus.

Sham Datta.

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I upgraded mine about three years ago to 84v, it was pretty easy, feel free to stop by and take a look if you'd like, I'm in southeast, just get ahold of me any time. You need, like, a battery and some cables, and a place to stick the extra battery. Oh, and another charger, cause a 72v charger won't charge 84v worth a darn .. my guess is you'd just run down to Fishermans Supply and get a cheap 12v charger.

There's a guy in Grants Pass, Grants Pass Electric Vehicles if I recall correctly, who sells parts.


> Lisa Hi,
>             I have been maintaining and running a 2006 ZAP for past 4
years> ....  I do NOT know any local folks that can work on ZAP,,, I
use "second
ch> ance shop" (see the link below) to get parts and do all the work
myself. I
> also have a mechanic in Hillsboro who helps me on the project.
> Thanks,
> Sham
> http://xebraparts.com/index.php
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> Hi OEVA Members,
> I bought a 2010 Zap and need to have it fixed up to be useful.  Could
> you
p> lease suggest people or businesses I could contact who do this kind
p> of
work> ..
> Thank you,
> Lisa Krenzler

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