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Dick Burnham Dick-Burnham at hoffmancorp.com
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Rob - A pre-Tesla eLotus.  I like it!  You are welcome to look at my 71 Porsche 914.  Both the 914 and Europa are mid-engine so the configuration will be similar.


I live about 100' inside of Beaverton from Aloha if you want to stop by.  Shoot me an email off list and I will give you an address and we can set up a time to meet.


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I am considering the possibility of converting a 1970 Lotus Europa.  The car normally weights only about 1300-1500 pounds and has a fiberglass body.  There is possible room for battery storage in both the front boot and rear engine/ transmission areas.  I would like to meet and speak with someone who has done a conversion to get an idea of what would be possible...



Robert M. Lyden

Aloha, OR
(971) 219-1200


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