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Example: I have only the Chargepoint card.  I generally don't bother carrying my portable EVSE with me, so given how few Chargepoint stations there are on the East side, if I had AAA and ran out of juice, say, in Troutdale, they would easier tow my car home than have to sit there and wait for my THINK to draw enough charge to do the 15 miles or more to get me home or to the nearest CP EVSE...

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For the city of Portland, this is a no-brainer for AAA.  I can't imagine needing more than 1/2 hour of juice to  get to a station---but what if the client has only a Chargepoint card and didn't bring a level 1 portable EVSE?

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From AAA Sept/Oct mag:   “Portland now has a AAA Roadside Assistance vehicle that can charge electric cars’ batteries with enough power to reach a plug-in station.  Don’t know where the closest station is?  Locate it with the AAA Mobile app.  The EV program is being rolled out in Portland and five other cities with plans for more in the future.  Say goodbye to EV range anxiety.  Call 800-222-4357.” Pretty cool! Judith Huck2012 Leaf Lover From: oeva-list-bounces at oeva.org [mailto:oeva-list-bounces at oeva.org] On Behalf Of patrick0101 at gmail.com
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Subject: [Oeva-list] Think City EV As of 10 hours ago, there are only 15 Think City EVs left (8 black and 7 blue) of the 60 coming to Oregon. They are less than $9k after tax incentive. This is your last chance to get this bargain priced EV. http://http://goo.gl/EGhCCRegards,
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