[Oeva-list] recasting a battery terminal?

Rick Durst Rick.Durst at pgn.com
Sat Aug 25 07:43:07 PDT 2012

I have used NW Battery supply on Belmont and about 38th. It was 8+ years ago, but they were great and the guy doing it was very good.
Rick Durst

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Hello - anyone had a battery terminal recast locally?

I have a trojan t-105 that has a cracked terminal base near the post (probably was overtorqued at one point before I bought the EV) and during one of my checks, the post moved enough that I want to get it fixed and "recast."  it was fine previously, but this time it moved a little and that's all the excuse I need.

I've heard the more industrial battery shops offer this service (not battery retailers)

anyone ever had this done?  it's a good battery, would hate to swap it out just because of this terminal since I'm trying to milk this pack for a few more months.

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