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Or simply, for a LEAF, with a nom. 400v with current limited by AAA at
25amp, the car will only get 10kw of power, or about 3x your Level 2 charge
rate.  And so, in 1/6th of an hour you'd expect at most 1.6kwh of juice.
That "might" get you to the nearest Level 2 charger...but again, what if you
tell the AAA driver that you only have a Coulomb card, you run out of juice
in Troutdale, have no Level 1 EVSE with you and live on the West Side?
I wonder if they've thought this thru or realize that there are more than a
half dozen different companies' EVSE's in Portland and separate cards for

It's moot for me I suppose unless I get AAA...


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For what it is worth, when I've used a few of the fixed DCQC-ers. They
quickly build up to 420+ Volts at 100 Amps. Then they throttle down from
there; dropping volts and amps.

If they kept up 400 V at 100 Amps for one hour that would be 40KWH.
So in 1/2 hour it would be 20KWH. More than enough to heat your batteries
and kick you off. Generally you don't go in empty and you get kicked off at
less than 100%. So lets say you have 4KW left in the pack and only charge to
80% of the 24KWH, that would bring you up to 4/5 X  24KWH or abut 20KWH or a
delta of 16KWH.
At the rate of 40KWH/HR then 16/40 = 4/10 of an hour, or 24 minutes.

So if the AAA charger is only permitting 10 minutes then we could assume
that 8KWH is getting pumped into your batteries, unless the source isn't
giving the LEAF what it wants. 8KWH should be about 32 miles at a slow speed
in a LEAF.

There are two numbers quoted by your AAA, 600V and 25A.
If both are limited to those values, then one will drive the other down.
In the case of where the LEAF could take 420V @ 100A, and your source is
only capable of 25A then the voltage would have to drop down until the draw
was only 25Amp; maybe that is 390V or 360V. So you see that perhaps the KWH
delivery might be only say 8KWH in one hour, or in 10 minutes,
10/60 x 8HWH or 1 and 1/3 KWH, and that would be only about 5 miles of slow
driving in a LEAF.(I'm assuming about 4KWH/Mile when driving under

Gene Fifield

 > If that is what the DCQC is capable of, then it is good for 15kw output.
> 10 minutes would be 2.5kwh, about 10 miles in a Leaf.  As far as I 
> know, the car absolutely controls the maximum voltage and current, 
> based on its BMS.  The charging station may also have some temperature 
> limits that cause it to throttle back after a while.
> Paul Wallace
> On Aug 24, 2012, at 2:43 PM, Karl Boekelheide wrote:
>> Remember that not all DCQC's are created equal.  I just called AAA.
>> Their truck will give you "10 miles" of charge.  What means, 
>> according to Rob Porter at AAA, is 10 minutes of 600 volts at 25 
>> amps.  I quizzed him hard about the 600 volts but he says that's what 
>> it is.  I'm still dubious about 600 volts.  That seems way too high.
>> I've noticed that the Kanematsu, Eaton and AV all charge at different 
>> rates.  The AV seems the fastest and the Kanematsu the slowest.  This 
>> extends to the "taper off" times.  They all seem to start slowing 
>> down at different levels of charge.  There seems to be a lack of 
>> standardization.  This seems really odd because I thought the car (in 
>> my case a LEAF) controlled the rate of charge.
>> On Fri, 2012-08-24 at 07:57 -0700, matwete at comcast.net wrote:
>>> For the city of Portland, this is a no-brainer for AAA.  I can't 
>>> imagine needing more than 1/2 hour of juice to  get to a 
>>> station---but what if the client has only a Chargepoint card and 
>>> didn't bring a level
>>> 1 portable EVSE?
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>>> From AAA Sept/Oct mag:   "Portland now has a AAA Roadside Assistance
>>> vehicle that can charge electric cars' batteries with enough power 
>>> to reach a plug-in station.  Don't know where the closest station is?
>>> Locate it with the AAA Mobile app.  The EV program is being rolled 
>>> out in Portland and five other cities with plans for more in the future.
>>> Say goodbye to EV range anxiety.  Call 800-222-4357."
>>> Pretty cool!
>>> Judith Huck
>>> 2012 Leaf Lover
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>>> As of 10 hours ago, there are only 15 Think City EVs left (8 black 
>>> and
>>> 7 blue) of the 60 coming to Oregon. They are less than $9k after tax 
>>> incentive. This is your last chance to get this bargain priced EV.
>>>  http://http://goo.gl/EGhCC
>>> Regards,
>>> Pat
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