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Ironically, THINK demonstrated DC fast charging with an AeroVironment DCQC
and a THINK City in early 2010---well before a Nissan Leaf did so.

Unfortunately, despite THINK being one of the ChaDeMo companies and the
THINK City being listed in their 2010 Annual Report as one of the compatible
cars, THINK evidently never deployed this on the car despite the PCU SW
evidently anticipating it by having a "Quick Charge Enable" or similar
parameter.  There are no DCQC inlets at the PCU according to those who've
R&R'd one.  So I don't know how an aftermarket DCQC on a THINK could be done
cleanly---I'm sure it would require opening up the battery pack---and none
of us will do that while they are allegedly under warranty, so it's a
non-starter.  Since each of the 2 EnerDel packs are made up of a series of 8
battery modules (nom. 50v each), I'd expect that the BMS monitors the
temperature inside each, so I'd expect at least 16 temperatures are
monitored.  There are 3 different tools required to access and possibly
program the PCU, BMS and other systems on the THINK.  None of these are
currently available to Joe-EV'er.




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That problem needs to be fixed somehow.  How about an aftermarket upgrade
package for Thinks to give them the DCQC ability?  I know the batteries can
take it.  How much temperature telemetry does the BMS have buried in the


Paul Wallace


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DCQC no workee with a THINK...

>From my HTC Sensation 4G on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network

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I thought the roadside assist truck was equipped with a DCQC.


Paul Wallace


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For the city of Portland, this is a no-brainer for AAA.  I can't imagine
needing more than 1/2 hour of juice to  get to a station---but what if the
client has only a Chargepoint card and didn't bring a level 1 portable EVSE?

>From my HTC Sensation 4G on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network

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>From AAA Sept/Oct mag:   "Portland now has a AAA Roadside Assistance vehicle
that can charge electric cars' batteries with enough power to reach a
plug-in station.  Don't know where the closest station is?  Locate it with
the AAA Mobile app.  The EV program is being rolled out in Portland and five
other cities with plans for more in the future.  Say goodbye to EV range
anxiety.  Call 800-222-4357."


Pretty cool!


Judith Huck

2012 Leaf Lover


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As of 10 hours ago, there are only 15 Think City EVs left (8 black and 7
blue) of the 60 coming to Oregon. They are less than $9k after tax
incentive. This is your last chance to get this bargain priced EV.

  <http://t.co/5aG9NV0Q> http://http://goo.gl/EGhCC

Sunlight will never cost $4/gallon

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