[Oeva-list] Throttle and brake interaction question for Leaf and Think

Paul Wallace ianaudio at aracnet.com
Sun Aug 26 08:01:11 PDT 2012

Does the throttle command speed or torque?  Do you have pedal up regen?  It sounds to me as if you have speed command and the brake is part of the equation.  When you take your foot off the brake slowly, you are commanding a 0 speed and the inverter attempts to hold that command by adding torque such that the motor shaft either doesn't turn, or turns at some minimum speed which is the creep.


On Aug 25, 2012, at 9:51 AM, Myles Twete wrote:

> Paul asked:
> Do the Leaf and Think allow both brake and throttle input with the one giving the larger command winning out, like a summation of the two?  Do they have 'creep' mode, like a Prius, where the car will move in the commanded direction when the brake is released without any throttle input?  I can't get torque command summation, the state machine won't allow it.
> While other THINKs evidently can differ, my THINK definitely features a creep mode.  On an incline, release the brake slowly and the motor will hold the hill and may even move forward.  Release it more quickly and the car may drift backwards.  In my driveway at home, after putting in Reverse, I release the brake slowly to ensure the throttle creeps the car backwards.  You can definitely ride the brake some while this happens.
> In case this helps-
> -Myles
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