[Oeva-list] Done my 1-year service and battery test - all 5, even with DC used

DIma Kukushkin dimakukushkin at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 15:12:36 PDT 2012

I'm happy to see Nissan's scale gave me all 5 stars even with moderate use
of QCDC  chargers.
I estimate i used it about 30 times over 13700 miles.

My relative capacity measurement showed some capacity decrease but maybe
around 3% from new at 10 000 mark.  Gauge still shows 12 bars.  (my test -
see how much energy goes in at charging from 0 to 100%)

Nissan's report shows number 82 on the pictured guessometer.  What does
that mean? What do other people show?
Ofcourse dealer didn't have any more details to share.

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