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Thu Aug 30 08:01:15 PDT 2012

I tried to use the Level 2 Blink at the Tigard Fred Meyers yesterday and it
didn't work. I could not charge, not because it was broken, that would not
be news. The reason I could not charge is because it would only allow Blink
cards to work that have a Blink membership. Here is the email they sent me
about it:

Whoops! It looks like you recently attempted to use a Blink charger, but
> don't yet have a Blink Membership. To ensure that your Blink InCard will
> work at any of our commercial Blink chargers, please sign up for a
> Membership plan and activate your InCard today.
> Getting an InCard costs nothing and it saves you money! Blink Plus members
> save up to 50% on charge rates, and for a limited time we're waiving the
> $30 membership fee.
> We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Blink community.
> Thanks,
> Blink

Even though I am in the EV Project and I am helping them beta test their
network, and charging is currently still free, they expect access to my
credit card. Until the Blink Network is reliable, I have no plans to pay
for them. I was trying to use the Beaverton City Hall station last weekend
and the touch screen locked up when I was entering my zipcode. They still
have a lot to prove IMHO.

Sunlight will never cost $4/gallon
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