[Oeva-list] Blink Network Changes

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Thu Aug 30 22:37:41 PDT 2012

On 8/30/12 10:46 AM, phil hochstetler wrote:
> If they just need a credit card on file but
> will not actually put a real charge (pun intended) on it, you may be
> able to create a virtual credit card number (I know I can with my AT&T
> Universal Card).

Discover and Citibank support virtual cards - both are tied to the first
website that uses them; Discover's expire when your real card does,
unless you email them and close it (in this case, I'd generate it, save
the numbers, register it with Blink, and then close it).  The citibank
cards are set to expire in an month, so you probably wouldn't need to do
anything special with them.  This feature is the reason I have a
citibank card - paypal used to do it (and was by far the easiest to use
of any), but quit and Discover threatened to (which is when I searched
for an alternative and got the citicard), then backed down after
"customer input".

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