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If You Don't Own:
* They will own the rights to charge you to park in your own parking lot
spaces and plug in
* You will be subject to their whim anytime the system is down and they
either don't answer your complaint or get to fixing it for weeks
* Your clients who need a charge will have to pay for doing so and the money
won't even go to you
* Many others...

If you do own:
* You can probably get the cost to be very cheap anyway if you do own
* You might be able to get a better quality charger
* Possibility of charging public to park and charge there

I think it was a bad decision by my employer to contract out and not own the
chargers.  Most everyone who would consider using them no longer does
because (1) they are inconveniently located, (2) they are no longer free to
use resulting in ecomonmy equivalent to about a 20mpg or less vehicle, (3)
they develop faults at a stunning frequency and (4) our credit cards get
dinged every time we drop below some positive balance (I've had nearly $20
on balance with them now for almost 2 months---that's not right---shame on
you Chargepoint!


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I'd like to install some Level 2 chargers at my business location, for
company cars and public use. 

What are the pro's and con's of buying outright vs having a commercial
company install them for me at no cost to me- but I wouldn't own them?
"Free" sounds good to me.

Are there any programs for having a Level 3 charger installed?  We're
located at 141st and SE Stark in Portland and there aren't any Level 3's
anywhere on our side of town, that I know of.  Closest one being Hollywood

Thank you,
Judith Huck

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