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Jason Weitz jason at frankencar.org
Wed Dec 5 08:28:49 PST 2012

Hi all,

I recently leased a Nissan Leaf! This will be my family's primary car.
That's the good news. Now the bad.

I live in Sherwood and work in downtown Portland. Parking is too expensive
so I take the bus. Now I was going to carpool with my buddy and take my EV
conversion once it was running and split the cost of parking.
Unfortunately, he now comes in an hour earlier than me and leaves and hour
earlier. So that plan is out the window. So, I am left with an EV
conversion that I can't afford to drive. I don't want it to just sit there,
so I'm hoping one of you conversion project lovers out there will take it
and finish it up. Here's the specs:

It runs! I have completed the major conversion parts. Only a little bit
remains, battery monitors, stereo, put the car back together.

Estimated range of 30-50 miles, untested

Good ol' flooded LeadAcid batteries, complete with filling system - just a
few hand pumps to top it off

Body is a 1986 Mazda RX-7 two seater, very sexy

ADC FB-4001 144v Motor

Curtis controller

If you have other questions please email me at jason at frankencar.org

*Jason Weitz*
Project Frankencar
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