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Hello Sham
I can supply you the new CALB CA series also called the gray cells at  
advocate pricing. If you can find anyone selling for less I would gladly stop  
and refer buyers to them. 
A few things to keep in mind when considering cells for an EV pack. 
There has been many LifePo4 manufacturers that EV drivers have tried  that 
have failed. The problem is the cells last long enough to start making  
sales and other buyers buy in as the initial results looks good. Up to  this 
point the CALB have been the superior product. 
CALB cells have about 10% more capacity then the manufacturers claimed Ah  
Many manufacturers actual capacity is less then the claimed Ah rating. 
When you factor in the above the price difference between CALB and other  
brands is not that great. I am not able to post cells costs publicly so you  
will need to contact me off list if your interested. 
I am not making a living off from selling cells my motivation is to provide 
 cells that will be the best value for your EV dollar. If I felt there was 
a  better value that would last I would be all for it. 
LifePo4 cells can last a very long time or not so long depending on  
quality. If you save 20% up front in a lower price but then find  out you only 
have 50% in cycle life your actually paying a much higher  price.
Also I would forget about warranties on batteries. Most manufacturers  
requirements for meeting them are just a way to not apply. Some  manufacturers 
have gone away and left many sitting on not only bad packs  but no 
replacements cells such as HiPower. You really cannot count on them  to be there or 
that you will be able to meet their warranty guidelines. 
Don Blazer

West Hills Collision Center & Hilltop Collision Center
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My EV conversion project  is reaching a level, where I shall start
looking for ordering batteries. I  am looking at 200AH / 100AH Lithium ion
batteries (Need about 95 or so). As  you all know, this is the MOST 
part of any conversion project.  The best price I can find is BestGo (about
$1 per AH). The seller says that  it comes with a 2 year warranty. Would be
glad to hear from any one who  have used BestGo.  I know that, some of you
have used CALB cells but  they are almost 25-30% more expensive.  I am also
all ears to hear  from some one who may have used other brands that are not
as expensive as  CALB.

Thanks as usual,
Sham Datta
Intel  Corporation.

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