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Gary Graunke gary at whitecape.org
Mon Dec 10 14:33:57 PST 2012

Saturday I watched the documentary Chasing Ice by James Balog, a National
Geographic photographer and former climate change skeptic at the Hollywood
Theater. It's a good with the dry facts, but being able to see the changes
makes it real-not just an abstract thing that rarely impinges on our daily
lives (but this is changing, too!). www.chasingice.com 


A recent report by SAFE, http://secureenergy.org/ ,

a group of American corporate, military, and political folks shows natural
gas and domestic oil from fracturing shale deposits to be a solution to many
of the nation's balance of payment, energy security, cost of energy
problems. Their report is worth reading, and also includes electrification
of light-duty cars and trucks, while heavier duty vehicles move to natural
gas, as we have seen at a recent green transportation conference in Portland
http://www.transenergysolutions.com/green-transportation-conference-ii/ .


For light duty cars and trucks and short range delivery vehicles especially,
however, I still favor electric over natural gas vehicles because

1)      EVs address climate change concerns better, especially when
renewables are used for the electricity.

2)      Electrics are about twice as efficient at converting natural gas
into motion as natural gas vehicles-the static electric company combined
cycle electric power generation is more efficient than the mobile internal
combustion engine. See http://www.electrificationcoalition.org/
Electrication Roadmap, p. 52 (and footnote 88).

3)      Pollution from proprietary (e.g., secret and therefore not able to
be studied) fracking compounds used may pose enormous health risks that we
cannot comprehend nor afford. See
http://grist.org/news/fracking-threatens-farms-and-food-safety/ for one
instance. Fracking is exempt from the clean water act
http://cleanwater.org/page/fracking-laws-and-loopholes since the Energy
Policy Act of 2005 was passed.


Bottom line-EV's are still the preferred choice for cars and trucks (except
for bikes/streetcar, of course). They can leverage the increased natural gas
production, and are even better when renewable electric resources (sun,
wind, hydro, tidal) are used. 



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