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 *Top Stories ===========================================*
o US plug-in car sales on track to hit 50,000 for 2012! http://goo.gl/gjYsI

 *Upcoming Oregon EVents ================================*
o OEVA Desert Potluck Dec 13th http://oeva.org
o Cascade Locks Fast Charger Unveiling Dec 15 http://goo.gl/Bte6l
o The Better Place Story Jan 16th http://goo.gl/DRHja

*Photos & Videos =====================================*
o photo: Blink DC Fast Charger at WalMart in Wood Village
o video: Road & Track Tesla Model S Burnout http://youtu.be/QPzna3p3P5s
o image: Fossil Fuel Subsidies in the US http://goo.gl/BYdMg
o photo: Nissan LEAF by Mike Mallorie http://fb.me/2mQDl347p
o video: eBay Motors Interviews Henrik Fisker http://youtu.be/_3b-cJ66EgY
o video: Driving lesson in an electric car http://youtu.be/2_HtcTPYk98
o photo: WCEH Banks, OR http://fb.me/NnylDMjT
o photo: WCEH Cascade Locks, OR: http://fb.me/21wYnjJdh
o video: Motorcycle.com's Brammo Empulse R Review

*Northwest EV News of Note ==========================*
o OpConnect's new online reservation system for EV charging
o Owner of 1st Brammo Empulse R on the ride http://bit.ly/VygNVv
o Hollywood Theatre to replace their failing marquee
o ODOT's new Road Usage Charge Pilot Project site
o Power is money for EV enthusiast in Southern Oregon http://goo.gl/kuHWC
o Jackson County Oregon Drivers Turning To EVs http://goo.gl/nOi0B
o Fast Charging at Spirit Mountain: Cars with Cords http://goo.gl/QCRa9
o Car2go comes to Seattle http://dlvr.it/2cZlFS
o Brammo gets green light for jobs & facility in Talent OR
o Brammo Empulse makes GQ's Best Stuff of the Year list http://goo.gl/9EU8C
o Drive Oregon joins Electric Drive Transportation Association
o West Coast Electric Highway into the Gorge http://goo.gl/ZtltS
o Oregon clean-fuel standards moves forward http://goo.gl/CJ6Xv
o Pay-per-mile insurance launches in Oregon https://www.metromile.com/
o Silent Sportbike Killer: Motorcycle.com reviews Brammo Empulse
o Energy from waves at the Oregon Coast http://youtu.be/-duVEGCn89s
o Are Oregon's EV Incentives Coming to an End? http://goo.gl/ENlYd

*Other EV News of Note =============================*
 o Plan to Reduce US Oil Use from the Union of Concerned Scientists
o Fiat Aims to Make Its Electric Car Sexy http://bit.ly/VNNmV7
o EVs make slow inroads across nation http://goo.gl/USWAq
o New ChargePoint App for iPhone & Android http://bit.ly/X0WfGf
o EVs proliferation makes Popular Mechanics prediction list
o 2013 Chevy Spark is Packed with Cool Tech http://goo.gl/PTwMA
o Chevrolet Volt Owners Surpass 100 Million Electric Miles
o Tesla 60 kWh Mid-Grade Model S Gets 208 Mile Rating From EPA
o Electric Car Sales Hit Another Record http://goo.gl/hXLdW
o Canada becomes 1st country w/ coast-to-coast EV charging stations
o Plug-in vehicle sales soar in 2012 http://goo.gl/FyYzo
o GE WattStation app for Android http://goo.gl/u8oSL
o Electric Car Maintenance 1/3rd Cheaper Than Combustion Vehicles?

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