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Greetings OEVA fans,

I caught this update from Plazma Boy racing today and thought you might be

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Hello to all,

Paul G. wrote:

Good to hear from you. I'm looking forward to seeing the Silver Streak. It
> might not be vintage tin, but it is still a great platform for some real
> cool parts. You managed to get 4 of those EV1 wheels, right?
Yes, it was a 1.5 year odyssey to find these rare wheels...two of them had
to be restored. To accommodate the GM 5 on 4 bolt pattern (Insight is 4 on
4) we had to custom design and machine all new aluminum hubs for the rear
of the car, but we got lucky up front and did a re-drill there. The wheel
caper is story all to itself, which I hope to have up at my web site this

Some may have noticed that my web site hasn't had entries since late 2010.
A personal situation really took the wind out of my sails and all of my
passion and drive vanished. All development on White Zombie came to a halt
as well. I did venture out this past April when we took it to the Bookman's
Spring Thaw races in Tucson, but that's the only time the car has been

The above said, I am trying to re-engage life in some fashion, so the
Silver Streak project is at full boil again. It was 'supposed' to be done
this past summer, but as I noted, things changed around here. The new plan
is to have it running in the next couple winter months, and in the Spring I
will hit the road to prove its 400+ mile per charge capability with a
series of road trips that will become a new blog 'Wayland's Electric Road
Adventures'. Camera in hand, I will write about all the interesting people,
places, nature and food I encounter traveling to Pacific NW scenic
locations while also chronicalling the car's performance with full data
streaming. The same 'Vince Patton' from the 2007 OPB special he did on the
Zombie, has been filming this project all along... we even have a cameo
appearance by Chris Paine where he and I went over 'secret' plans for my
EV2 project :-)  Vince and I became friends over that OPB special he did.
He feels Silver Streak will have a big impact, and like we did with the
Zombie, it help set the bar just a bit higher :-)

Here's a quick update on my 'EV2' Insight build, my high efficiency long
range freeway cruiser 'Silver Streak':

(1) Copper rotor EV1 motor / transaxle is now permanently mounted in car
(2) Custom drive axles were made, assembled with brand new CV joints and
boots, and are now installed
(3) Rinehart inverter is mounted in car
(4) Custom machined hubs installed to change Honda bolt pattern are done
and on the car
(5) EV1 wheels with the Bridgestone LRR Insight tires now on car
(6) Creating an 'EV2' emblem by CNC cloning a NOS 'EV1' emblem I have
    (changing the '1' to a '2') to replace 'H' badge on nose and tail of car
(7) Three module, 71.5 kWh Dow Kokam battery pack is under construction
(225 Ah @ 318V)
(8) Killer audio system being re-done, but mostly intact from former hybrid
soundoff version

It feels good to 'finally' be making some progress on my car again!

See Ya... John

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