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 *Top Stories ===========================================*
o OEVA member Gary G is in the current issue of Green Living PDX (page 17)

 *Upcoming Oregon EVents ================================*
o The Better Place Story Jan 16th http://goo.gl/DRHja

*Photos & Videos =====================================*
o photos: December 2012 OEVA Meeting http://fb.me/1bRbEeOU0
o video: Brammo Fast Forward: from the track to you
o video: Bigfoot Monster Truck is now an EV http://youtu.be/ymCubnRc3ao
o Infographic of Nissan LEAF battery: http://pic.twitter.com/EYh3ItTn
o photos: Cascade Locks joins West Coast Electric Highway
o Holiday themed ICEd Courtesy Notices from Blink http://fb.me/QBF2PVgI

*Northwest EV News of Note ==========================*
o Brammo makes 1st delivery of Empulse R http://goo.gl/03Ee9
o Gov. Kitzhaber releases final 10-year energy plan for Oregon
o Offshore Wind may be coming to Oregon: DOE award $28M to 6 states
o Brammo makes 13 bikes that will make 2013 awesome list http://ow.ly/g9Jst
o Ore. Senator Wyden to chair Energy and Natural Resources Committee
o OTREC Small Starts Grants / Matching Funds for EV Research
o The snow will be here soon in Oregon, an outage is a great gift idea
o Drive Oregon's Executive Director Reports on Trip to Nation's Capitol
o Earl Blumenauer pushes national VMT http://goo.gl/MTCre
o Kaiser Westside to have charging stations http://goo.gl/x9BbV
o Clackamas Town Center has DCFC & 5 Level 2
o Autonomous EVs on list of 5 most disruptive techs glimpsed in 2012
o Brammo Empulse R makes Wired's 2012 Gear of the Year http://goo.gl/0YG0b
o Florence Oregon to be linked to Electric Highway http://goo.gl/0NFu1

*Other EV News of Note =============================*
 o EV inverter market to grow to $18B by 2023 http://goo.gl/jyllj
o 200,000 Hours Of Testing For Spark EV Battery http://goo.gl/Uyv3r
o Share your EV experience http://drivingelectric.org/
o Long-term maintenance costs show benefit of EVs over ICEs
o In 2013 EV Market moves to Economies of Scale http://goo.gl/rgCJO
o Johnson Controls appeals Wanxang's A123 purchase http://dlvr.it/2fW3hS
o Ford Fusion (Energi, HEV & ICE) wins Reuters "Green Car of Year"
o ClipperCreek contest to win LCS-25 EVSE http://goo.gl/TibxS
o Researchers find cause of Li-ion battery degradation http://goo.gl/Z1cLi
o ChargePoint holiday photo contest Win a year's free charging
o Startup uses EV batteries for buildings http://goo.gl/c8dPR
o SAE publishes standards for first responders to hybrid, EV accidents
o How did Terry Hershner travel 3500+ miles on an electric motorcycle in 6
days? http://goo.gl/TORvH
o ChargePoint has more than 10,000 charging stations in N. America
o Electric Cars: More Models, Cheaper Prices Coming in 2013
o Nissan Leaf batteries now made in USA http://goo.gl/tw7ao
o Electric cars like Volt & Leaf hold resale value http://bit.ly/UEs0mn
o 2012 has Highest Ever Average Gas Price http://trib.in/XeYQfU
o Plant root used to create eco-friendly lithium-ion battery
o Nissan to extend line-up of hybrids, electric vehicles http://goo.gl/QL0qK

o 423.5 miles in a Model S on a single charge. A new World Record!

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