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I dunno if it was modesty, laziness or forgetfulness J

BetterPlace and others who advocate pack swapping would appreciate the image
of a Milburn dealer in 1917 or so demonstrating pack swapping:


*	Fashion Auto Station and Electric Garage, Chicago, ILL 

*	The Fashion Auto Station and Electric Garage (740 E. 51st St. [also
noted elsewhere as  <http://www.milburn.us/images/fashion3.jpg> "4612
Cottage Grove St."], Chicago), with its large Milburn Light Electrics sign
on its outside wall was a significant place for Milburn.  Evidence seems to
indicate that the Fashion Station was the first to offer a battery lease
0fashion&f=false>  (1917 Electrical World, v69n2) whereby they'd sell new
Milburns to customers without batteries for $1485 noting that they would
have indefinite range
sig=ACfU3U2yawiRDE_99wRX3ZzwDkjmzHPurQ&ci=105%2C547%2C386%2C495&edge=0> by
being able to drive in, swap out the packs in 5minutes and move on.  As
early as 1908, Fashion Auto Station had been involved with electrics
exclusively, including electric buses.  In 1916, Harry Salvat, owner of
Fashion Auto Station wrote an extensive article in N.E.L.A. v39n4 entitled
salvat&f=false> "Greater Garage Service" in which he outlines the challenges
of the electric garage and even lists some 23 Chicago electric stations that
had either switched to gas or gone out of business altogether.  He laid a
lot of blame on lack of coordination between the manufacturers of electric
cars and batteries and dealers and stations.  Mister Salvat is seen in this
photo demonstrating Milburn's quick battery
<http://www.milburn.us/images/fashion3.jpg> exchange system.



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Myles is too modest to tell you he maintains the Milburn Light Electric
Automobile site, www.milburn.us. Check it out.

Phil Barnhart

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My understanding is that it was a Milburn...their Secret Service also drove
a Milburn because Wilson didn't want to hear the loud sons of a gas car near

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Turns out the First Lady drove an electric car. No, not Michelle,
Laura, Hillary or Barbara. Or Nancy... or Rosalyn.. or Lady Bird... or


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