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Here are my thoughts on why the yearly service for a Leaf is $200.

*        Average miles driven on a car is about 15k miles.

*        If the dealership had sold the customer an ICE based car instead of an EV, the customer might have come in for 5 oil changes (3k miles per oil change average). This would have yielded about $150-$200 revenue into the coffers.

*        Given that dealership expenses are the same, they will have to be able to squeeze out the same amount of milk (so as to speak).

*        So, it is $200 for battery, break and wiper check.

At the end of the day, fundamentals of economics seem to always end up embracing simple math...is not it ?


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Did they break down what the $200 covers? The battery inspection should be free. The only things they should need to do is rotate the tires, maybe change the cabin air filter and possibly flush the brake fluid (they talk about this on the mynissanleaf.com<http://mynissanleaf.com> forum a fair bit).

I'm a fair bit away from my 1 year checkup, but I'm curious to see what other people paid as well.


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I am at Beaverton Nissan for my car's 1 year / 15000 mile service. They had not heard about the low speed brake update, but he looked it up and found it. It has been out since October but I seem to be the first person to have it done here. Did any of you get this done here?

Also, they said the 15000 mile service is $200. How much did you pay to have this done?

Sunlight will never cost $4 per gallon

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