[Oeva-list] "Drive Green Save Green" program honors hybrids, not EVs

Andy McConnell andy.mcconnell at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 11:13:35 PST 2012

Does anyone on the list have experience with applying for the Drive Green
Save Green program offered by city Center Parking and the Oregon
Environmental Council?
I was denied a $15 per month discount because I have a 100% EV, not a
hybrid. This seems silly to me.

I was encouraged to write a letter to Brad Cannon, manager of City Center
Parking, asking that I be offered the discount, and asking him to provide
the rationale for not honoring 100% EV drivers.

On their site www.drivegreensavegreen.org, they claim:

OEC has partnered with City Center Parking in Portland to create Drive
Green Save Green, a program to help drivers reduce their environmental
Find out about special perks for hybrid car owners at City Center
or on this special feature by KGW-TV
and check out great green maintenance tips for all drivers below.

If the goal is to encourage reduction of footprint, why give perks to only
hybrid drivers?  That's rewarding half-measures!
I can imagine many reasons - mostly political or financial - for not
honoring EVs.
Before I get all "conspiracy theory" crazy, I would like to hear from
others who may have tried this approach already.

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