[Oeva-list] Drive green.

Steve's Account stevel at fern.com
Fri Dec 21 11:51:45 PST 2012

Andy McConnell writes:
> Does anyone on the list have experience with applying for the Drive Green
> Save Green program offered by city Center Parking and the Oregon
> Environmental Council?
> I was denied a $15 per month discount because I have a 100% EV, not a
> hybrid. This seems silly to me.

I guess there might be a bunch of reasons:

1) There aren't that many pure EV's compared to hybrids. They want to
    "look green" without actually doing anything!
2) They don't have to provide charging stations for hybrids.
3) The don't want their "greenwashing" effort to end up as a garage full of
    freeloaders! :-)
4) They have only seen ads for hybrids and don't even KNOW of the existance
    of pure EV's! :-)
5) Or, most cynically, They DO know about pure EV's and the items above
    indicate why they REALLY don't want EV's on their lot! :-)

If they were really on the ball, they could give you the discount and charge
you 5 times as much for the charge!


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