[Oeva-list] "Drive Green Save Green" program honors hybrids, not EVs

Craig Schaefer calvinjean2 at comcast.net
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Ummm, electric vehicles have been around since the 19th century....

But we can't expect OEC employees to be aware of this.

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  Hello Andy, 

  I work for Drive Oregon -- the state's EV industry association -- and have alerted our contacts at the Oregon Environmental Council of this issue because, yes, EVs are indeed "green" and it would make sense that they also qualify for the discount. It is my understanding that when the Drive Green, Save Green program was created several years ago, electric vehicles were not on the roads and so I imagine they were not included in the original program rules.

  I will post on this listserv again when I hear back about what action is being taken to address this, which just seems like an oversight that can pretty quickly be resolved!

  Thank you for calling attention to this.

  Best regards, 

  On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 11:13 AM, Andy McConnell <andy.mcconnell at gmail.com> wrote:

    Does anyone on the list have experience with applying for the Drive Green Save Green program offered by city Center Parking and the Oregon Environmental Council?
    I was denied a $15 per month discount because I have a 100% EV, not a hybrid. This seems silly to me.

    I was encouraged to write a letter to Brad Cannon, manager of City Center Parking, asking that I be offered the discount, and asking him to provide the rationale for not honoring 100% EV drivers.

    On their site www.drivegreensavegreen.org, they claim:  

    OEC has partnered with City Center Parking in Portland to create Drive Green Save Green, a program to help drivers reduce their environmental footprint.
    Find out about special perks for hybrid car owners at City Center Parking, or on this special feature by KGW-TV news, and check out great green maintenance tips for all drivers below.

    If the goal is to encourage reduction of footprint, why give perks to only hybrid drivers?  That's rewarding half-measures! 
    I can imagine many reasons - mostly political or financial - for not honoring EVs.   
    Before I get all "conspiracy theory" crazy, I would like to hear from others who may have tried this approach already.


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