[Oeva-list] WITH THE HOLIDAY SEASON UPON us, there is a natural tendency to overindulge

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WITH THE HOLIDAY SEASON UPON us, there is a natural tendency to
overindulge. That's normal.  But some of us have trouble.  While the
U.S. is less than 4.5% of world population, we consume 25% of the
world's petroleum.  And there's a good chance you or a fellow American
you love just might be addicted to petroleum.


- Spending lots of money on petroleum products, especially fuel
- An unhealthy attraction to petroleum dependent vehicles (commonly
known as "gas guzzlers"). Some extreme cases of petroleum dependency
will engage in illegal hands-on relations with vehicles that either
belong to others or cannot consent to being driven.
- Supporting public policy (often foreign policy) which takes into
account petroleum supply chain concerns and the highly corrupt, deadly
petroleum cartels.
- Socializing with other petroleum addicts
- Possessing dismissive attitudes towards those free of petroleum
addiction, similar to tobacco addict behavior, or becoming irate and
refusing to talk if the matter of one's petroleum addiction is brought
up in conversation.
- Enjoying the smell of petroleum (burned or unburned).  Some are
extremely affected by this and will follow a gas-guzzler instead of
changing lanes to avoid the toxic vapors.  In very rare cases, some
petroleum addicts will inhale the vapors to achieve Euphoria, often a
sign the petroleum addict suffers a type of cross-addiction.
- Participating in activities which glorify the consumption of petroleum
- "Romanticizing" activities which involve petroleum consumption.
- Having family members which exhibit petroleum co-dependent behaviors.
- Stealing petroleum, or money to purchase it, or petroleum paraphernalia
- Becoming depressed when one's regular petroleum supply is interrupted.
- Feeling entitled to one's petroleum consumption, what psychologists
call "justification", often using words and phrases such as "need" and
"have to" or "must".
- Making bad decisions that lead to heavy petroleum reliance, i.e.
buying a gas guzzler, sometimes falling prey to the myth of "getting a
good deal" due to a low purchase price
- Being excessively conscious of petroleum fuel prices due to the
effect on one's petroleum intake behavior, not as an economic
indicator or energy issue
- Continuing to buy large amounts of petroleum, even when common sense
dictates otherwise.

- Excessive use of the ATM-withdrawal-pedal (the one on the right), to
the right of the clutch and brake.

It's important to note that petroleum addiction is NOT always simply
excessive petroleum consumption. Many who use little or no petroleum
are often forced to purchase and consume large amounts of it as part
of their occupation. Clinicians usually refer to these almost-always
highly responsible people are "airline pilot" and "truck driver",
although there are other classifications based on behavioral patterns.
 Professional diagnosis is often helpful at identifying the specific
type of petroleum consumer.

Other times, average, every day Americans, due in part to the planning
of previous generations making what at the time seemed like sound
decisions, just like in every other area of life, have little choice
but to drive vehicles which consume petroleum and must choose the best
options available for their budget.


Contact one of the following groups, tell them you, or someone you
know is addicted to petroleum and need help, and ask for a referral.

- Oregon Electric Vehicle Association
- Plug In America
- NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)
- Tesla Motors
- Greenpeace USA
- Oil Change International
- Consumer Federation of America
- Public Transportation
- EDTA-Electric Drive Transportation Association

Petroleum addiction is a serious matter, but with love, compassion,
and sometimes  high performance electric and alternative fuel
vehicles, there is hope for the addict's future, and for all those who
know him.

Thank you for reading.
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