[Oeva-list] First Ladies and cars... humm...

Steve's Account stevel at fern.com
Mon Dec 24 08:00:52 PST 2012

> Thanks for the contributions, guys, I figured EV enthusiasts would
> enjoy that tidbit about Edith Wilson.  Anyone know if Leno can get
> interviewed on the question?  That would get exposure.

Here's an idea:

In the spirit of Christmas, and in keeping with Mrs. Obama's environmental goals, why don't a 
number of EV enthusiast groups get together and buy her an EV?

If you could get Tesla, and some EV groups from say Portland, Chicago, and DC to go together and
buy her a US built EV, it would go a long way tword getting the idea of an EV in front of the

The President himself probably hasn't driven all that many miles since he's been elected, and with
his security needs, the EV would sit in a Secret Service garage until he was out of office... but
the First Lady, might just use one.

And the model S has enough room for her kids, and the dog and a secret service agent.. Might just


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