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*Editor's Note ===========================================*
I hope that your holidays were joyful and electric. On a personal note,
my family and I were able to take our Nissan Leaf from Beaverton to
Woodburn to visit with our extended family during the holiday. Starting
with a full charge and a few hours on their outdoor 120V outlet is all
that we needed to make it there and back at freeway speed on I-5
with the heater & defroster on.

*Top Story ==============================================*
o US sales of plug-in vehicles soars in 2012. Up 238% over 2011.
   Driven primary by more choices & strong PHEV demand, more than
   41 thousand new PEVs are on the road. That is 41k vehicles using
   little or no foreign oil and 41k people that are showing their friends,
   family, neighbors, & coworkers that PEVs are here and can get the
   job done!  http://goo.gl/Wjs6L

 *Upcoming Oregon EVents ================================*
o Oregon-Israel Business Alliance & Drive Oregon present:
   The Better Place Story, one man that was there from day one tell his
   of the battery swap startup  Jan 16th http://goo.gl/hDYrK

*Photos & Videos =====================================*
o audio: Sea Change Radio says EVs are future of transportation
o vid: How To Use a CHAdeMO Connector http://youtu.be/317VrBDkBjg
o vid: How does a Tesla Model S engineer pour a beer? http://fb.me/2hkZSv112

o vid: Happy 2nd Birthday Nissan Leaf http://youtu.be/t4zyA5Y48tc
o vid: Tesla Model S is CNET editors' choice http://goo.gl/33LhW
o 2 more West Coast Electric Highway photos http://fb.me/xOmtwkxq
o chart: xEV sales on strong growth curve http://fb.me/1sFWXr2Z4
o Infographic: What Does $8 Billion in Oil Subsidies Buy?

*Northwest EV News of Note ==========================*
o Drive Oregon's Matching Grant Program is now Open
o Oregon EV industry gears up for 2013 http://goo.gl/AQjvc
o EV owners in Washington will be hit with $100 fee http://goo.gl/nixo0
o 2013 Ford Focus Electric for Sale in Hillsboro http://goo.gl/3gFYT
o Seattle to Portland in a Mitsubishi MiEV http://fb.me/1PSwlGMPJ
o Mechanical Engineer Job at Brammo http://bit.ly/KLuFKB
o Cascade Locks Plugs In http://goo.gl/kMVeH
o Eight More Truckstops add Plug-in Power Pedestals http://goo.gl/rmchb
o The Basics of EV Public Charging http://goo.gl/hi8Ii
o Nissan Leaf CarWings having trouble for many drivers http://goo.gl/YwVDD
o Hydroelectric turbines coming to Portland water systems

*Other EV News of Note =============================*
 o Tesla Model S is CNET's 2012 Tech Car of the Year! http://goo.gl/KzR39
o Study: Electrics 35% Less Costly to Maintain  http://fb.me/1TQ3l8vX9
o Monitoring Air Quality From Your Smart Phone http://goo.gl/FFbVO
o VIA Motors to Unveil Three New Extended-Range EVs http://goo.gl/N9zdN
o GigaOm's Chevy Volt Review http://goo.gl/0p6zH
o EV Trends According to AeroVironment http://goo.gl/MOnSU
o NY Times: A Growing-Up Year for Plug-Ins http://goo.gl/FpYS1
o Bob Lutz says despite the hype PEV sales will grow slow & steady
o Plug In America’s LEAF Battery Survey http://goo.gl/Ue9C8
o Second Life for EV Batteries: Guardians of the Grid http://goo.gl/HPokl
o Pike Research makes 10 EV predictions for 2013 http://goo.gl/5vTVE
o We don't just pay at the pump http://j.mp/V7fw72
o Electric grid can handle mass EV adoption http://goo.gl/yK10W

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