[Oeva-list] Compressed air vs. Batteries?

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Interesting. What pressures are the tanks run at, and past the
regulator, what pressure is fed to the pistons? Obviously below the
piston-fed point performance would decline.

Are they REALLY only 20% efficient (roughly) the way ICE's are?
There's little "exhaust" and probably not much heat, maybe even a net
loss, since uncompressing air cools.

The heat generated at the point of compression, could, at least in
theory, be utilized to heat water or homes.

Are there any compressed-air car dealerships in the Metro area?

On Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 9:55 AM, Mark Murphy <markmurphy1951 at aol.com> wrote:
> Air compressors require more energy than battery chargers since they are
> mechanical with losses, plus they still use electricity to do the
> compressing which takes a lot of energy. net loss. Plus, compressed air,
> like batteries can only release a portion of their stored energy since
> pressure must be released at a constant rate (not maximum rate) and soon
> drops to a useless pressure point. Pressure tanks must be very strong($$) to
> survive repeated pressurization and safety concerns. (natural gas powered
> vehicles have similar issues.) An air powered engine has all the mechanical
> losses and much of the complexity of a IC engine and so is very inefficient
> compared to an electric motor ( one moving part) A suitability powerful on
> board air compressor, pressure tank and air engine have to be located in the
> vehicle. An air engine system is useful in specialty industrial applications
> where a natural gas system is not applicable such as closed buildings or
> underground.
> (IMHO)
> mark
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> Hello OVEA enthusiasts,
> Most of you have a lot more experience with EV's than I do, what do
> you think of compressed air cars?
> Seems like a viable method for storing and transferring potential
> energy. In a sense they are electric cars, in that electricity powers
> air compressors and lke "conventional" Battery EV's, they're
> flexible-fuel in that the electricity can be generated by a wide
> variety of sources.  I'd welcome input and suggestions, I may do a
> story on them.
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