[Oeva-list] Compressed air vs. Batteries?

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Hello Greg
While it would be better then oil it is not as efficient as using  
batteries. You have the friction losses compressing air and then the friction  
losses again similar to an ICE motor in the vehicle. I am not sure what the  cost 
per mile would be but it is hard to beat 3 or 4 cents a mile an EV runs  on.
Battery technology is currently at or above the threshold for most people  
driving needs. As production increases prices will come down and range will 
go  up. With fast charge locations an EV is not too much different then an 
ICE in  actual use. 
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Hello OVEA enthusiasts,

Most of  you have a lot more experience with EV's than I do, what do
you think of  compressed air cars?

Seems like a viable method for storing and  transferring potential
energy. In a sense they are electric cars, in that  electricity powers
air compressors and lke "conventional" Battery EV's,  they're
flexible-fuel in that the electricity can be generated by a  wide
variety of sources.  I'd welcome input and suggestions, I may do  a
story on them.

Best regards,

Greg Long
Social Media  Editor / Network Administrator
Twitter:  @exploremarsgreg
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