[Oeva-list] Compressed air vs. Batteries?

Greg Long greglongoregon at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 05:56:25 PDT 2012

Thanks, everyone for the input. It sounds like the technology
utilization merits further R&D and cost analysis.

It sounds like for some consumers, the engineering drawback may be a
driving-culture-appeal asset... a piston-powered compressed air
vehicle coupled with a transmission may have appeal which BEV's don't
-- the "vroom factor" as an old girlfriend once called it.  I'm
partial to a stick-shift over an automatic myself.

Compressed air vehicles also bypass the high battery cost and
reliability issues, substituting fire-risk for tank-failure-hazard

On Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 4:05 PM,  <Theoldcars at aol.com> wrote:
> Hello Greg
> While it would be better then oil it is not as efficient as using batteries.
> You have the friction losses compressing air and then the friction losses
> again similar to an ICE motor in the vehicle. I am not sure what the cost
> per mile would be but it is hard to beat 3 or 4 cents a mile an EV runs on.
> Battery technology is currently at or above the threshold for most people
> driving needs. As production increases prices will come down and range will
> go up. With fast charge locations an EV is not too much different then an
> ICE in actual use.
> Don.
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> Hello OVEA enthusiasts,
> Most of you have a lot more experience with EV's than I do, what do
> you think of compressed air cars?
> Seems like a viable method for storing and transferring potential
> energy. In a sense they are electric cars, in that electricity powers
> air compressors and lke "conventional" Battery EV's, they're
> flexible-fuel in that the electricity can be generated by a wide
> variety of sources.  I'd welcome input and suggestions, I may do a
> story on them.
> Best regards,
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