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Hello Chris
I agree with plans for service. As Jay pointed out earlier in a  post there 
are dealers who are trying to take advantage of doing service  work before 
its needed. One of the benefits of an EV is the far lower  maintenance 
costs. There are going to be dealers who try and make up for this  profit loss by 
pushing any additional service work whenever possible. 
Exchanging information about which dealers are good about their  
recommendations is helping all Leaf owners. Its a shame more Leaf owners are not  on 
this list. Many Leaf owners are going to assume the dealer is looking out for 
 their car and authorize them to proceed.
I believe most Leaf owners are so happy with their vehicles they will  
blindly go with any recommendations a dealer makes. The Leaf is such a wonderful 
 EV most would be more then happy to make sure it stays that way.
Don Blazer
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At Wilsonville Nissan I paid my usual $15 to  rotate the tires. Got the 
replacement air filter online for about $10 and  will do a brake fluid 
replacement after 24 months, no good reason to do it  only after  12.


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