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*Top Stories ========================================
 The summer of the EV is here! The first half of 2012 sold as many plug-in
vehicles as all of last year!

In Oregon news, Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley drove a 100% electric Nissan
Leaf from the border to border with stops to refuel and tout the benefits
of plug-in transportation:
o Senator Merkley: why America needs EVs http://fb.me/21idAvDlG
o Portland kick off album http://goo.gl/H3B3X
o Salem http://fb.me/1bzksFSok
o Springfield http://ow.ly/bZmrp
o Roseburg http://fb.me/P4N6VQ8e
o Cottage Grove http://pic.twitter.com/4IxaoXR0

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ==========================*
  o EV Celebration Day July 14th at Pioneer Courthouse Square
o Free screening of Revenge of the Electric Car July 15th
o Tesla Model S test drives July 20 (Reservation Holders Only)

*Media  ===========================================*
 o album: OEVA in Hillsboro 4th of July parade http://fb.me/1JWgzeTq2
o video: 1 min of OEVA in Hillsboro Oregon 4th of July Parade
o photo: Brammo Empulse RR Race bike at REFUEL  http://fb.me/244MiWRik
o video: Plug-in vintage electric vehicles http://fb.me/1XxlMX0P3
o video: PIR Qualifying TTXGP run 2012 http://fb.me/JuGCIQ95
o Brammo electric motorcycle on the cover of the Sunday Mail Trib
o album: OMSI Science Pub - Driving on Sunshine http://fb.me/BHBnq00O
o video: Arcimoto on the streets in Portland http://fb.me/2dV7cGbaX
o picture: Charging in Forrest Grove Oregon http://fb.me/AiuyvO1G

 *Northwest EV News of Note ==========================*
 o Portland makes list of top EV-friendly cities http://fb.me/1wzADzDjE
o Oregon Launches $4 Million Electric Truck Incentive Program
o Ryno Motors Electric Unicycle Set to Launch January 2013
o Brammo Motorsports forges ahead with production http://fb.me/1T219Hg2S
o Honda Fit EV comes to Oregon in July http://fb.me/1yz2gH7bR
o All-Electric 2013 Honda Fit EV Begins Leasing July 20 in Oregon
o Free screening of Revenge of the Electric Car http://fb.me/19TII67ER
o Rogue Valley Businesses Discuss Going Green http://fb.me/Oo0buhf1
o Gallery: TTXGP showcases next-generation electric vehicle technology

 *Other EV News of Note =============================*
 o Energy independence a key patriotic priority http://fb.me/M3SphoKZ
o Electric fleets deliver advantage http://fb.me/18fmGghFi
o Mitsubishi Now Leasing i Electric For $249 Per Month
o Data shows that retail charging sites attract customers
o The Summer of the EV is Here says NYT! http://fb.me/26sIVrAsh
o Batteries Add Power and Market Appeal to Bicycles http://fb.me/1M92eTX16
o Energy Secretary Stephen Chu talk EVs with Autoline.TV
o How Long Will Your Electric Car Battery Last? It Depends Where You Live
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