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Good luck getting hold of a ZAP representative; I do believe the company 
has folded. They're certainly not taking calls. 

For what it's worth, when I bought my ZAP back in 09, I called and the 
lady I talked to counted the on-board charger as a "charging system". Gave 
me the maximum credit available. Might have been $1500, $750 for the car 
and $750 for the charging system. 

Good luck

> <html><body><span style="font-family:Verdana; color:#000000;
font-size:10> pt;"><div>Barbara,</div><div>I think it is difficult for the 
employee> s to keep up with the smoke and mirrors. </div><div>On the 
tax>  programs H&R Block and Turbo Tax it was the same kind of
issue.</div><> div>The only EV for Nissan listed was an Altima and yet 
they had a lot of
C> hevy's listed.</div><div>I informed Lisa Ferrar of Nissan of the issue
beca> use she seamed genuinely concerned.</div><div>You might try 
informing a
Zap>  Representative.</div><div>Hope to see you 
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</style> <div dir="ltr"> Patrick (and OEVA list), I spoke today
wit> h both Debbie Davis and her supervisor, Maureen Bach, at Oregon DOE. 
> <br>I received my "Oregon Residential Energy Tax Credit Certification"
post> card, for my Zap Xebra EV purchase, with only part of the credit 
s> o I called to discuss the difference.<br> <br>Both Debbie and Maureen
> assured me that neither my Zap Xebra, the Nissan Leaf, nor the
Chevy&n> bsp;Volt, etc. are eligible for the (block 6) "vehicle charging
s> ystem" tax credit, because the system is <u>built in</u> to the
vehicl> e and part of the vehicle purchase price.  *<br> <br>I
asked>  a number of clarifying questions (why is #6 on the form if this is
th> e case, etc.)  and neither was able to explain what they were
stating.>   They wanted me to know that they've both been there a long 
time and
> are very knowledgeable about the Oregon tax credit for EV's, and my case
is>  being handled the same as all the other Oregon EV tax credit forms. 
> Neither could direct me to where what they were saying is cited in the 
> credit rules; they could only say "it is on our
website."<br> <br>Bott> om line, at least for me, is that the only part of 
the Oregon tax
cred> it I can get is from block # 3, purchase of vehicle.<br>And as if not
> getting an explanation wasn't bad enough, they were rude and hung up on
me.>   <br> <br>* is this how others in OEVA were credited for their
v> ehicle purchases with on-board
chargers?<br> <br> <br>BBallew<br>>  <br><div><div 
id="stopSpelling> ">From: <a
href="mailto:patrick0101 at gmail.com">patrick0101 at gmail.com</a><> br>Date: 
Wed, 28 Dec 2011 13:58:15 -0800<br>To: <a
href="mailto:oeva-list> @oeva.org">oeva-list at oeva.org</a><br>Subject: 
[Oeva-list] 2011 Oregon EV
Ta> x Credits<br><br><div>Here is the link to the Oregon state EV tax
credits.&> nbsp;</div><div><a
href="http://www.oregon.gov/ENERGY/CONS/RES/tax/docs/A> ltFuel.pdf?ga=t"
tax/docs/AltFuel.pdf?ga=t</a> </div><div><br></div><div>NOTE: That you
ha> ve to file this BEFORE you do your taxes. You apply for the credit and 
> a form to include in your tax filing. This is the same method that is 
> for Oregon solar credits. </div> <div><br></div><div>This form has
cre> dits for: </div><div>1) Converting a vehicle to alt fuel
(EV conv> ersion) </div><div>2) Buying a new EV</div><div>3) Buying a EV
battery>  charger (like the one that is onboard the Volt and Leaf) </div>
<div>> 4) Buying a home charging station. If you were outside of the EV 
li> ke Forrest Grove or other areas, then you likely had to buy an EVSE and
thi> s would apply. </div><div><br></div><div>There is
one related&nbs> p;question that I was asked, that I do not know the 
answer to. It is: If I
> didn't buy an EVSE, but rather had the emergency/trickle unit that came
wit> h my Leaf upgraded, can I apply credits for that? If this applies to 
I>  would call the Ore. DOE and talk to Debbie Davis 1-800-221-8035
> (in Salem call 503-378-4040). She was very helpful when I filled out
t> his form. Since this cost was for "fueling equipment" I think it
quali> fies, but Debbie could tell you for sure.</div> 
ar> e my note from talking with Debbie about how to fill out this form for 
Le> af purchase. It asks for comparable gas cars and these notes has
> the one that she recommends for the Leaf. It is likely different for the
Vo> lt. </div> <div><br></div>Debbie said: <br><br>For box 3, use a
N> issan Sentra as the comparative model. This is a similar sized
and acc> essorized Nissan.  She suggested using the base price of
$16060.&> nbsp; The resulting tax credit is $750.<br> For box 6, use $3000 
as the
ins> talled cost of the vehicle charger installed in the car. The ODOE is 
> that this is an internal vehicle item and the cost is not shown on the 
> invoice. The resulting tax credit is another $750.<br> <br>Together these
r> esult in a $1500 state tax credit.<br> <br>Additionally, box 5 can be
> used for the home charging station, if applicable.<br><br>I have put all
th> ese notes on our facebook page here: <a href="http://goo.gl/aBaxa"
t> arget="_blank">http://goo.gl/aBaxa</a><br>
<div><br></div>Regards,<br>Pat> <br><span style="font-family: arial,sans-
serif; font-size: x-small;
borde> r-collapse: collapse;">Sunlight will never
cost <span>$4</span>/gallon> </span><br> 
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