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Sat Jul 7 15:49:07 PDT 2012

I am forwarding this for David. If you can help him out, please contact

Hey Oregon EV folks!  David Raboy here, CEO of CarStations(
http://carstations.com) and co-founder of Plugin America(
http://pluginamerica.org).  Some of you may remember us as the folks saving
the last of the Ford Rangers "way" back in 2005.  Can you believe we
actually have vehicles on the road after all those companies fighting ev's!

Anyway, my wife and I are coming to the Ashland area on Sunday to look at a
toy hauler type trailer a person has for sale up in the Ashland area that
we want to fit a Leaf in.  The guy measured the specs and pretty certain it
will fit, but we need to be sure :)

Would anyone be willing to help a fellow Leaf owner(and Ranger EV owner) to
verify the fit?  Our backup plan is to get a u-haul trailer and bring our
Leaf up, but it would save us quite a bit of time/effort and thought it
might be fun :) Dinner or lunch included of course.  The guy sounds like a
perfect candidate for an EV as well as he has a 5 acre organic farm.

P.S. also, anyone know a good inexpensive place that takes a dog.


Cell: 925-918-1719
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