[Oeva-list] Vehicles at EV Celebration Day

gfifield at onlinenw.com gfifield at onlinenw.com
Fri Jul 13 07:15:29 PDT 2012

Here is the list I have of vehicles in attendance for tomorrow's EV
Celebration Day at Pioneer Courthouse Square.
I've bcc'ed the participants, and emailed to our group members on the list.

If you are not on this list and want to come to the event please let me know.

I may have to do some triage if we start to look like we are going to run
out of room.
However John Christian the OEVA chairman said we won't stop until we
overflow the area!

Gene Fifield
503 515 2747

Car					Name
Ev 75 electric Green Standard Beetle 	Ed Storey
BMW					Bob Simpson
Porsche 914 				Dick Burnham
Think					Ken
Nissan Leaf, Electric Bike		Pat Connor
Nissan Leaf 26,000miles Silver		Chris Arnesen
2001 Saturn SC1 electric conversion	Quinn Sullivan
Freightliner Step Van			Brian Tice
Porsche 944 (Superior Performance)	Richard Ovenberg
Fisker					Ron Tonkin
RaeEV					Brad Laird
LEAF, Alan Webb Nissan			Joe Tenny
Prius Plug-in  Blue Lantern		Jamie Lawson
1972 MGB-EV.				Richard Donovan
Leaf EVA EV2GO				Rhonda Walton
Mitusubishi				Alen Webb Nissan
Volt					Alen Webb Nissan
Zap Xebra sedan (with stripes).		Carey
Trike					Phil H
electric motorcycle, (Solar Oregon)	Jeremiah Oretel
YARIS					Monavie Ray?
Yaris					Ray Blackburn
Zap pickup truck with the solar panel on top	Chase Ballew
Sparrow					Paul Burkey
Tesla 					Steve Gutenburg
Th!nk					Joe Mayer
Volt Red				Gary Goncher
Th!nk					Mike Overton

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